I provide the following editorial services. The particular services you need for your project will depend on the state of your document and the intended use.

Structural Editing

A structural edit involves looking at the big picture elements with the goal to clarify the structure and flow of an overall work. For your structural edit, I’ll look at the organization and content of your material to ensure it’s suitable for the intended audience, medium, market, and purpose. I’ll also help revise, cut, or expand material where doing so will strengthen the work. This is the most involved of the editorial services.

Stylistic Editing

Sometimes called line editing, stylistic editing revises sentences and paragraphs to clarify meaning, eliminate jargon, and smooth language for readability. For your stylistic edit, I’ll also check or correct reading level, and adjust the tone and formality of language.

Copy Editing

Once you have a final draft, a copy editor will correct errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation; and ensure consistency of mechanics, style choices and internal facts. Your copy edit may also include Canadianizing or Americanizing measurements and language, writing or editing captions and running heads, listing permissions needed, and checking citations.


Proofreading is the final look at a fully formatted and designed document.  For your proofread, I’ll still mark copy editing errors, but my main concern will be checking for errors introduced by the design process and editing elements that were not available at the copy editing stage. I will not suggest structural or stylistic changes at this stage.

Not sure what service you need? Contact me for an assessment or quote. Please provide a few specific details about the project, including a deadline and the length of the piece, and I’ll respond within 24 hours.